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    They call me Mr. Dynamite
    I blow things up in black and white
    An end to your charade
    A button I have made must be pushed

    There is no reason for the sky
    When I'm on fire with your lies
    So if I can win this fight
    Then call me Mr. Dynamite

    So here we stand
    Both you and I
    We're face to face
    But eye to eye?
    Tomorrow you may change
    And I would be betrayed, my friend...

    Oh mommy mommy mommy
    Do you remember Mr. Dynamite?
    You know that guy from down the block
    He blew things up in black and white

    Yesterday he changed
    Today he is betrayed
    In the street
    On the ground
    The neighbors gather 'round

    Poor Mr. Dynamite

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