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    Who's gonna tell you goodnight?
    Who's gonna put out the light?
    I love you and love is almost crazy
    Slippin' through the so and so's
    Over all the fields we go
    Moonlight lady

    Don't wanna tell you so long
    Don't wanna mess up your song
    Feelin' like I do I'm almost crazy
    Choosin' all the red blue jeans
    Watchin' people be so mean
    Moonlight lady

    I'm on fire
    And I can hardly breathe
    Time goes by
    And all alone
    My poor heart grieves

    I love you just 'cause I do
    I didn't plan it with you
    But now we're here we might as well accept it
    We're together for all time
    Marching through the fields of dimes
    Moonlight lady

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