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    Alone with the phone again
    The deepening light seeps in my mind
    I'm desperate to hear a voice
    Can this really be my choice?
    I'm fifty and I'm tricky
    And I'm sick of being alone
    You're twenty-five and pretty
    But you're old enough to know
    That actions form a pattern
    And the heart's the last to know
    And I'm waitin' for another friend
    Callin' long distance again

    My mind is an antique room
    There's overstuffed chairs and carpets too
    Where nobody ever comes
    It's a good place to run away from
    And I'm runnin' from a love
    With every step I take
    And if I can fall for you then
    From the last one I am saved
    And it's a cold grey wet december
    Shity shity day
    And I'm waitin' for another friend
    Calling long distance again

    You're dark and your french voice is lovely
    And you're bright eyes light the receiver across the miles
    I'm listening close and I'm hoping
    To learn love, but I don't know how
    Calling long distance again
    Calling long distance again
    I'm calling long distance again
    Calling long distance again

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