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    You went off the river
    Smoke stacks fade to blind
    This town's my own, ridin'free and alone
    And I'm looking back
    Maybe I know some people
    Maybe I break some rules
    But this is the street, I've got to compete
    Baby, I ain't no fool

    *So I take a little bad with the good
    It ain't just black and white
    (It still ain't black and white)
    You've got to deal with the real
    Woo, living on the edge of the night

    Every wild desire
    Beckons from the dark
    I've made my bed but I can't risk my head
    While I still swim with sharks
    Everyone needs something
    Sometimes they don't know why
    But so much good's been misunderstood
    In the blink of the eye

    (Repeat *)

    You say that you don't like it
    Or maybe it's just my life
    So you live yours and I'll keep mine
    Rolling like a wheel through the city
    Living on the edge of the night
    And when the black rain's down
    In this cold gray town
    I'll be waiting
    Waiting at the edge of the night
    Woo, living on the edge of the night
    Woo, living on the edge of the night

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