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    I?m the kid that no one knows

    I live a life I never chose

    Defeat starts in a mind

    Of my own (Of my own)

    I?m face to face with the unknown

    My scary movie will be shown

    I?ve got one evil mind

    Of my own (Of my own)


    We take from one another

    And never stop to wonder

    How it feels from the other side

    But nothing lasts forever

    When stupid turns to clever

    Wired use of mind

    Little know it all (Little know it all)

    Ten bucks in my hand

    Little know it all (Little know it all)

    Don?t cry, I understand

    I?m a target of the smart

    They?ve got ambition, I?ve got heart

    I've had a life to take

    Before I start

    So tell me who do I respect?

    I feel the leash around my neck

    As I find out there?s shame

    In the day (In the day)


    And I feel like

    I?m caught outside the box

    And I feel like

    I?m sleeping when I?m not


    You never know it all

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