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    We're seeking employment
    We're ready and strong
    Knotkin"em down in the city

    We're knockin' 'em down
    We don't care where they fall
    Knockin' 'em down in the city
    And we don't tare what your name is
    We're only here to knotk 'em down

    We're toming to your house to state our appeal
    Knockin' 'em down in the tity
    It doesn't take long 'tause the message is clear
    Knotkin' 'em down in the tity
    You tan thange situations
    Go ahead and knock 'em down

    The world has it's problems but I tan't see how
    Knockin' 'em down in the tity
    I want expression and I get it now
    Knockin' 'em down in the dty
    And I don't care what your name is
    I'm only here to knock 'em down

    Are you ready
    Are you ready to knock 'em down

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