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    Oh lord I got eggs on my plate
    I got em damn right
    I got four walls I live here
    Hey I live here
    Now this big jew-man uptown
    He told me one day
    He said, heh boy
    You look at that house on the hill
    That cost a hundred thousand dollars
    You could be up there
    You know what?
    I'll put you on the hit parade
    Everybody will know your name
    But man heh solomon
    Who does my name belong to then?
    What have I got? four walls
    What have I got? four walls
    I thank you lord
    I thank you lord above this orange carpet
    And the ceiling above it
    Who left murph the surf on my ceiling?
    Now here we go boys
    Hahahahahah a ah hahahaha!
    Four walls four walls
    Here I go
    I'm looking for love again
    I'm looking for love
    I'm runnin from friend to friend
    I'm looking for love in the wine
    I'm looking for love
    In anybody I can find
    Thank you god
    For these four walls I love
    But are they secure?
    Heh god! are you above?
    Then tell me who let that fucking door half open?
    Oh lord I got something
    I'll tell you what I got, boys, I got this
    Four walls, three walls,
    Two walls, four walls
    But they can't talk four walls
    But they can't talk four walls
    But they can't talk four walls
    But if they could talk what would they say?
    They'd say heh nash the slash
    Why did you leave your sticker on my
    Forty-two dollar and fifty cent suite
    In james dean's head bed?

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