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    Sun shinin' on my Rolls
    Why living I don't know

    Two-thirds habitual
    One-third is ritual

    How cool are the songs i sing
    How cool is anything
    Good sex good shit good sleep
    I'm spyin'

    That check was pretty big
    I'll spend it pretty quick
    My body's pretty shot
    I'm dyin'

    Everyday is a duel with the fool with the blood on your cool
    Every night is a hee hawing mule when there's blood on your cool
    Everyone that you meet is a ghoul when there's blood on your cool
    Cruelty will be your school when there's blood on your cool
    Blood of the cool

    That check was pretty big
    Grab hold and then grab more
    Didn't have to look too far
    I learned this from rock stars

    Soul fights against the beast
    Beast has a world for feed
    A world of cruelty
    Doesn't do shit for free

    Birds singing I am sad
    Soul leaves but I'm not mad
    Oh, fuck it, yes I am
    It's either me or them


    Sun up, big see is blue
    Not working how 'bout you?
    Don't even fight the weather
    That makes me feel better

    Wide moon of memory
    Big voice inside of me
    Short time to live and die
    Quick fading live of lies
    I think about it when i get old
    Payment for being bold

    Might be a crown but still
    I might get a fucking bill


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