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    I'm the kind of girl
    I want that whole wide world
    Nothing more nothing less
    I don't want second best

    Ah but my associates
    Why they're no more than opiates
    Always dragging me down
    Dash my hopes to the ground

    But they must be kidding
    Or wishful thinking
    Adding fuel to the fire
    Of my ambition

    I'll make a date
    Oh no I won't be late
    And why of course he'll be there
    He'll promise he'll sweur

    But all I ever find
    Been spun that same old line
    It's happened time and time again before
    But these things and more
    Widen the score

    And it's one up for ambition
    I really have a go
    You know you've got to hand it to me
    I've got a heart of gold
    But I'm a wolf in mutton's clothes

    Someday my time will come
    I'll feel I can't go on
    I may not care or even know it's there
    But then I'll have my fun

    So 'till then just press on
    Don't lose your grip
    Don't lose ambition

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