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    Hollywood Underground
    No cash, lonely in the night
    Stranded, tied, stiletto heels
    Tying Up, no regrets
    Living high, stay low
    Kicking it out in style
    Another day, another dollar, another notch in the belt
    Kick it out
    Fallen down

    Where the day goes
    Where the day
    Where the day takes your underground uplifting
    Where the day eludes truth, lies, opinion
    Where the day takes you

    Running red, sorry for humanity
    Say you're lovesick in her world
    Turning tricks
    Another angel gets her wings
    Clipped away
    Old soul of love words of lovesick
    Sad parade gone by
    Gone by
    Locked and settled down
    They prey the proud, the proud
    Don't you want love
    Save your lungs, your shit, your life
    Make a bad choice

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