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    I walked the tightrope of time to see where it goes
    It turned into a noose and hung me
    I saw the ending and a handful of lies
    We were force fed and bleeding for days and nights
    Hell had come to earth and conquered
    They Assembled
    No one leaves alive

    I spit the bullet that was shot right for my throat
    Skipped out on the new bomb shelter
    Then hide out in the woods behind your house
    For forty days and forty more
    We stuck it to the news and papers
    Smashed windows
    Waged our war

    Your new tomb raiders
    Crystal balls
    That take the money
    When the clarion calls
    For new blood to cover old blood soakened faces
    Didn't ask for much or the iron fist

    For evil that is lurking
    And darkness that is turning
    We'll crush you with the iron fist

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