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    Sorrow bleeds lies
    Handshake the fist of fury
    Dissect a perfect theory
    For justice piece of nation for justice
    Land loss, too young to die
    So liberal, too young to live
    For nothing, too young to die
    For living and now the laughter's gone

    Step through the bodies the bleeding
    Half eaten will feeds the forceful the forceful has been
    Bitten by the hand that beats us down

    Ironic view, distasteful lies
    Nameless crosses slip into mass graves
    Lame destruction
    A flag erected burns

    Torture, murder
    Snapshots of the darkest hour
    Of these awful lives we live
    For fight it freedom a fucking nations bleeding
    Torture, murder
    Snapshots of the darkest minute
    Tanks roll through the drive-thru
    Feeding hunger beating women
    Children dying fight for freedom
    A fucking nations leaving
    Torture, murder
    Gunshots there's blood on walls
    Of Shameless forego
    This sickening pleasure to breed
    Your urban crisis so free your guards let down

    I can hear your screams
    Sorrow bleeds these lies
    I can hear the screams
    Sorrow bleeds these lies

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