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    Passing through the radio
    Time was talking, time was pointless
    Time was in a paper bag
    My hands are tied
    Unity recognizing free fall religion

    Plant the seed, watch and grow
    Love hero the dare
    Take the shame upon yourself
    Dancing in the slow dance flame
    Lost hero's to blame
    My hands are tied in faith
    My body soul sucking

    Drown the seed
    Watch it slow
    Love hero to blame
    Take the pain all myself
    Dancing in the heated flame
    Love hero the dare

    Don't you think we shall become elated?
    Bridging gaps between the sane/insane
    Dropping to my knees in the middle of the room
    Forcing all the words from my dry sarcastic mouth
    Shouting at the demons who stand tall in control
    Forcing out the diaries, opening up the journals
    All hands are tied
    All hands will bind

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