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    you say you're like a tree or a bus stop
    with your hands by your side
    lets say you're like a field of tulips
    cheap gold flowers in the sky
    if the cavalry comes, is it really no suprise
    count the calory cops, i'm allowing alibis

    drag the shine off your stool and leave me, its raining outside
    catch your life through some strange indifference, i don�t want lullabies
    paralysed on parade and ready to drop you know
    amazed and a mess, you may just stop me and go

    (well he said he was a vegetarian, all those animals in water)

    here come the calory cops, is it really no suprise?
    and if the cavalry comes i'm allowing alibis

    count your life like some strange and different
    go one word at a a time
    can't you hear the bells ringing
    get your hands off my sky
    in a place where the words all just fall apart
    with the sound of a stutter
    a mutter in your heartclock the spokes off your wheels, its safer just to ride
    put your heart in the back, i've not once seen you smile

    you say you're like a tree, or a bus stop

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