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    Unscrew your face from the laptop screen,
    See the people, the places in your, magazine,
    They're a bigheaded bunch, d'ya know what I mean,
    Someone made them out of plastercine,


    I'm the morning rain,
    It's me again, I wont go away,
    I'm the morning rain,
    It's me again, I wont, go, a, way.

    Come down off your barbed wire fence,
    What you're saying sounds stupid, makes know sense,
    It may be used later in your defence,
    It may be used later as, evidence for the


    Undo your head from the sink plug chain,
    Unscrew the cheap wine, and drink like a drain,
    You may never want to waltz again,
    You may never want to walk away from the


    Pack your bags, your rooms for let,
    They're putting up the barricades and laying off all bets,
    I've never seen so many people, smoke so many cigarettes,
    Pack your bags now, your room for rent.....


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