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    Yearning, keep them burning, kepp them earning
    Someones got to pay for all these televisions
    There's children singing, and church bells ringing,
    and people skipping merrily to work and dreaming
    and dreaming

    For maybe, you'll wind up crazy, and when you're drinking
    You may start thinking that you're stupid and you're lazy
    Well just keep earning, keep on yearning,
    and you will believe there are no gods and monsters
    gods and monsters

    So free of contradictions, no dereliction,
    There are no gods and monsters
    So useless and so pretty and so good
    So pretty and so good, gods and monsters

    Now have I got you watching, for all the gods and monsters
    A sitting, reclining in the back row of your mind
    I think thats what you'll find
    Yes there are gods and monsters
    Yes there are gods and monsters
    Yes there are gods and monsters

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