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    You stand like a rock, on top of the mountain
    Run like a river, fall like a fountain
    The grass still is growing, the wind still is blowing, about you

    Reels like a strain, drinks like a scholar
    Drown in this town, you can feel for one dollar
    Since when were you bitten, where were you smitten

    Cuckoo X4

    Looks like a date, but seems like your brother
    Seems like your father, your sister, your mother
    Threw out in chains, wildhood and childhood, cuckoo

    Drinks like a rogue, looks like no other
    Looks like a dream, one you'll discover
    Seems like its bitten, whence were you smitten, cuckoo

    Cuckoo X4

    Looks like a saint, drinks like a scholar
    Dreams in this town you can buy for one dollar
    Whence were you smitten, where were you bitten, cuckoo

    Wrench like a chain(?), looks like no other
    Your father, your mother, your sister, your brother
    Have all since long gone, all since long gone

    Cuckoo X4

    Stand like a rock
    You stand like a rock
    Cuckoo, Cuckoo

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