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    you claim to be so politically correct but you jump to conclusions without backing(?) the facts. and anarchy is a solution to you and it follows you that the desire was to fool. society may seem so hazardous to you but without that society you wouldn't be you. and being narrowminded is something you hate but you can't accept that this might be your fate. you doze off(?) to all cause you think you're always right. and just to prove that you always get mixed to be in a fight. you always get angry when you see another cop do all he has to do and that's why you beat him up. and this year you'll go to germany again to riot as if you wanna be insane. and you don't need a reason to start a big fight 'cause the end of your narrowmindedness is in sight. and you claim that you hate the army so bad because they use violence and anger like that. but you use it too so i guess that it's true: an anarchist becomes what he never wanted to.

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