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    Accused of living in a dreamworld Told me that it's my way out But what the @#$* should I wake up

    to? To your world? I'd rather not! Propagate a lot of theories Won't reflect the likes of me Lack

    the will to be a weasel Not lured into your security Yeah, I live in a dream but who put me to

    sleep You think you're awake, you're just counting the

    .. Now move to the side cause your world's

    in my way There's no chance that you'll wake me up I'll never...... Rising up by putting down All

    is done just to fit in But do you know What to fit into? I can't stand the endless beating The

    pressure and the double-talk I won't meet your sorry measures Talk all you want but I'll stand tall

    I'll never live up to your standard Of giving in just to get by And you can save your hollow

    phrases Just say goodbye I'm gone Exempt, from all your sorry measures I'm gone Not touched, by

    your cold hands I'm gone Immune, to all the endless beating There's no way that you will drag me

    in I'll never live on your flat earth No never

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