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    We're cutting it fine - we're cutting it clean
    The green green grass - we're living the dream
    Bringing the bacon home to be cooked
    We're getting ahead - we're getting hooked
    On the hot north wind - we can feel the fire
    From the naked heart of lost desire
    The freaks of control are closing in
    The clamour of bedlam is wearing thin
    And the great divide - between right and wrong
    The cry of madness is growing strong
    Across your face your knowledge moves
    And in your head the silence proves

    And as you wander in search of me
    You will forget what used to be
    And we'll be living on borrowed time
    As we cross over the forbidden line
    That once was written on desert sand
    We could not see, we could not understand
    And all the houses in every street
    Where live the millions we will not meet
    As we stumble from day to day
    Searching for glory on feet of clay
    As we go over the final hill
    For one more conquest, for one more thrill
    You know the story, you know the drill

    The haunted village will stand alone
    When the dust has settled on your ancient bones
    They will be cleaned - picked by the crows
    Of your carrion dream as the ice cap flows
    And the great Titanic - it sails at dawn
    The day you left me - when I was born
    We're heading homeward - we're heaven bound
    We're sinking slowly - no sight or sound

    On the great Titanic - it sails at dawn
    And we'll be honey, we will be born

    We're heading home now - we're heaven bound
    We're sinking slowly - no sight or sound

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