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    Here comes a ringing testimonial
    Here comes the saddest song you've ever heard
    >From somewhere else, somewhere good
    In a warehouse painted red
    Around my house, around my table
    And I will testify, testify when I'm able
    Everybody in this town is sleeping
    Little Chalkie's gone out west to score
    Passing by the metho's gate she dropped something
    'Cos our town doesn't stand there anymore
    And my town, it is a teacher
    All trucks and beers and memories spread out on the road
    And my town is a leader of children
    To where caution is a Long Wide Load
    Long Wide Load
    You love me good, you work me hard
    Three letters and a smile on a little white card
    Oh yay, oh yay, oh there you lay
    Lying in the road on Debt Collectors day

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