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    They say everything that rises
    Will be brought down
    Anyone who's anybody
    Is getting out of town

    The highheels on the long weekend
    Clatter in the street below
    Somebody got pinned again
    Underneath my window

    The crowd roars on the wind
    And I call out your name
    They're keepin' score on the radio
    But it all sounds the same (home away game)

    The punters on the platform
    Stagger throughout the yellow light
    Force the door and slash the seats
    We're all goin' home tonight

    Up and down the nature strip
    The Sunday drinkers ride
    Faith is flowin' down the Esplanade
    Drip try and lemon tide

    It's perfect one day
    That's when it's raining again
    Crouched upon the ocean
    Is the city that I live in

    Ya never build too high
    In January rain

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