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    From a distant horizon she wanders my way
    With so much to give and so little to say
    She's a creature of silence, she's my imaginary girl.

    Well she spoke with her eyes they were filled with despair
    Generations of sadness were burning in there
    She's  a dream I once had, she's my imaginary girl.

    Well I tried to possess her, I tried to hold on
    I built wooden fences a thousand miles long
    But she was too hot to handle, my imaginary girl.

    There were so many times I could name you a few
    For me there was nothing that she wouldn't do
    There were so many reasons to please, my imaginary girl.

    Like sweet inspiration she somes and she goes
    With each passing hour the mystery grows
    I will always be willing to meet, my imaginary girl.

    I'm an ordinary man, I'm as greedy as sin
    I'm a fool for my senses, oh where to begin
    To tell of the love that I feel, my imaginary girl.

    Now winter is here, there's a chill in the air
    If I close my eyes I know she'll be there
    I will always be willing to dream, my imaginary girl.
    Dream my imaginary girl.

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