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    The moon came up
    The sun went down
    Somebody said you were back in town
    I kept my mouth shut and waited for the sound
    Of your footsteps on the stair
    I knew you'd be around
    The circumstances were too good to be true
    All roads lead to Rome
    But mine all led to you.
    Standing in the backyard sniffing at the sky
    How could it be? I had to wonder why...

    It's so easy... you made it so easy for me
    You made it so easy
    You made it so easy for me

    I see you in the street, alone with yourself
    Crawling my way like a crab on a shelf
    I could still read the secrets in the back of your mind
    Coming back to haunt the places you left behind

    Looking for excuses, searching all around
    When you caught sight of me I had to settle down
    "Come on", you said, " it should be easier than this"
    I never lied, I wanted your kisses.

    So easy
    You make it so easy for me
    It should be so easy
    It could be so easy for me yeah

    You're so easy.
    You make it so easy for me
    It should be so easy
    You make it so easy for me yeah

    Days ran into weeks
    Weeks ran into years
    Before I knew it I was mopping up the tears
    Another tragedy just left the dance floor
    I put my boots on
    Went running back for more
    Keep me in the picture
    Keep me in your book
    I'll go out of my mind
    If you let me off the hook.

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