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    Fair weather friends they wished you well
    Showered you with admiration
    Now the glass is cracked but you can't turn back
    Don't let it break your concentration

    Scratched your name on the dotted line
    For romance any risk is worth taking
    "Don't worry" they say "you'll be rich one day"
    Ten years later your hand is still shaking

    Won't you take a chance my friend
    You've got nothing to lose in the end
    Come on scratch my back and I'll see you in America

    Now when the piper calls the tune
    Songs of joy and desperation
    If you're flat on your face just keep your hair in place
    There'll be no lack of cheap conversation

    So when you're wandering the streets
    At four o'clock in the morning
    There's only you and some stray sniffin' around Times Square
    Way over there

    So if you've got a message to send
    And it's driving you round the bend
    Come on scratch my back
    And I'll see you in America

    They bought Manhattan for a song
    A few fishhooks for a nation
    At the scene of the crime what's yours will be mine
    If you give me the right combination

    It's amazing who you meet
    When you're on your last legs and fading
    Merry go round again yeah I'll see you then
    But it'll take some heavy persuasion

    Won't you take a chance my friend
    You got nothing to lose in the end
    Just swallow the bait before it's too late
    Come on I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
    We'll schmooze each other 'til the end of time
    Into the heavens everlasting
    I'll see you in America

    Come on and scratch my back
    When you're stuck in the track
    Take a chance my friend

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