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    The universe
    Is a at tour feet
    Gives you praise evermore
    The stars will light
    The sky for you
    And always
    God be praised
    And we sing
    The lord is on high ( 2 x )

    I adore you
    I adore you
    And there's none
    That compares
    To your majesty lord
    I adore you
    I adore
    And I stand in the wonder of your love

    We will crown him
    King forever
    Living saviour
    Jesus redeemer
    Lord of heaven
    Robed in majesty
    Crowned in glory
    Creation adores you
    Holy, holy lord
    God almighty
    And forever the
    Lord god exalted
    Hear the angels shout
    His anthem
    Ever-living god
    We aore you ( 2 x )

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