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    Oh lord you've searched me,
    You know my way,
    Even when I fail you,
    I know you love me...

    Your holy presence surrounding me,
    In every season, I know you love me...

    At the cross I bow my knee,
    Where your blood was she'd for me
    There's no greater love than this
    You have overcome the grave
    Your glory fills the highest place,
    What can separate me now...

    You go before me
    You shield my way,
    Your hand upholds me,
    I know you love me...

    You tore the veil,
    You made a way
    When you said that 'it is done'

    And when the earth fades,
    Falls from my eyes,
    And you stand before me
    I know you love me, I know you love me...

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