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    f/ Defari, Evidence

    [Mr. Eon]

    Mr. E is a top prospect, mic checks get rep, east-west connect

    Come a little tighter, pull the all-nighter... --The High and The Mighty--

    Taste this delicious, mystic malicious

    Ridiculousness, I tease like my snippets

    I strip this down to the core and explore

    Many more want what I have in store

    For you, in this era, this mic's still a terror

    My scripts consist of printed parchness

    I gave the apple to Eve and she ate it

    Built the pyramids and the Sphinx, and now you fuckin hate it

    Co-create the reborn, keep this mic torn

    My defense is tight like Jason Sehorn

    On these corn on the cobs, lop for pop, now they popcorn

    Plus I got a bucket of em, so stick it to em

    Bring ruckus to em, slip the ducats to em

    Still they gettin ruined when I bring my touch to em

    Can't feel my shit no matter what I say

    Though they ass out at Fappy's on the bagel buffet, with no delay

    Evidence is a top prospect, mic checks get rep, east-west connect

    Where the light intense, dope rhymes dispense... --Here go the Evidence--


    --You now tuned into Evidence!--

    For more than funs and guns, I'm stressed on gettin sex

    Yo I take it as it comes, on most occasions

    I like my heart, chimes, and organ

    But this is for your heartbeats twelve in the morning

    Never tense, I rock the flossy, fly shit from Tchaikovsky

    Don't drink so I get bent when I sip Bacardi

    Spark this party, no question

    Never caught wearin Guess, and

    Seldom lose when I got my chips on the table

    Go against the Oz, and face the Wizard

    So play that evil shit then come short, get the blizzard

    Why is it you be buildin worlds that's fake and useless?

    Heads pretend they hard, yo their favorite movie's Lukas

    Now you focused like ? caught locusts

    This style's covered like Rakim's, I Ain't no Joke, this

    Flow is Out of Control like Rap in fact

    Man I told em in the front, in the middle, in the back, it's like that

    [Mr. Eon]

    Defari is a top prospect, mic checks get rep, east-west connect

    Give em all high-fives, you don't qualify "Here come's the city brother" --




    Yo, pass that gallon I'm hear to score again like Marcus Allen

    From L.A. this MC stallion

    Only a few I know got the bomb chronic like Ev'

    Yo, fuck the nonsense, our Likwid eastern conference

    And now we do it Coast to Coast like the Liks --The magnificent--

    Defari, Eon, and Evidence

    The present tense is dope rhymes to the infinite power

    Wack MC's fight in the yard, I kill the god that towers

    And shoot at will shoot to kill with lyrical skills

    Like the Beatnuts, pop the trunk and watch this bitches head for the hills

    But in my trunk there's straight bumps like that

    And just a licensed NBA Spalding notebook, that looks phat

    With phat rhymes and there's pages and pages

    This shit's outrageous, independence connect, drop this ???

    For wages, blow both indoor and outdoor stages

    All ages feel they root like the flute, this gets contagious

    [Mr. Eon]

    We are three top prospects, mic checks get rep, east-west connect

    Come to the team with tight defense, Defari, Eon, and Evidence

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