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    You're my heart my love from the start correct? (yes)  
    True blue together forever no needto guess  
    The feelings we shared since day one  
    Are the feelings I can't stay away from  
    A hundred years of peace I hope we live to be  
    The longer to enjoy the things you give to me  
    I thank God for the day that I met ya  
    So there's no problem, with givin a little extra  
    Peace of mind I ceased to find before ya  
    Then you soothed my soul soon as I saw ya  
    When I need your love I just call ya  
    You bring me joy, babe and I adore ya  
    Nothin can phase or erase our romance  
    No other gets a glance, no other has a chance  
    To you, ooh? Is who I need to be nex ta  
    All that you give I can give a little extra  
    Secure the crib so you can rest your head  
    Wake up in the mornin eat your breakfast in bed  
    Pick you up from work and take you out to eat  
    Come home rest your feet and I'll change the sheets  
    I'm your soldier, your warrior huh, all out trooper  
    like a woman with a cape baby, I think you're Super  
    The prize that you are to me I place none above it  
    How you like it when I give a little extra (I love it)  
    People, I wasn't always spoken for  
    Afraid to get my heart broken sure  
    Sometimes only a diss follows a kiss  
    You got to take some risks to have a love like this  
    Meanin mine? Yo I ain't gon front, it's kinda beautiful  
    I'm not sayin that this is what I want you to do  
    You had a love that didn't go your way  
    You had negative personnel, dig what I say?  
    I had someone in the past, don't you believe me  
    I gave her the game, she could take it or leave me  
    Sure as the rhythm of the beat fits my rhyme  
    To her everytime, was buyin time  
    She said buy me this that those them and whatever honey  
    You want WHAT? I know you got money  
    I used to say who you supposed to be takin me for  
    Take me for me, I'm posed to get love for free  
    Missin for a week then BOOM she appears  
    Foolish jewels, and Polo gears, damn  
    Where'd you get it? "I bought it" I said yeah  
    You live in the projects and your family gets welfare  
    Need I say more people, end of the situation  
    Washed my hands clean of that aggravation  
    Many places I laid my hat  
    Me, a gigolo, a male whore, nah I wouldn't of called me that  
    Today I don't allow I make a love vow  
    My life has changed how? I'm with Charise now  
    So have faith baby, my love protects ya  
    One of the ways, I givea little extra  
    Cheaters never win, they live a life of sin  
    Skeezin is for heathens, and loyalty's in  
    I can hear y'all sayin yeah right Jaz enough is enough  
    You're talkin that brown stuff, but buss it  
    Singles should mingle and if they see a good thing  
    They can carry on like nymphos on a one night fling  
    But someone who's committed you can't be wit itcauseyou  
    Can'thave your cake and eat it too  
    And if you can the whole purpose is beat  
    Cuz when you're eatin your cake it won't taste as sweet  
    So if you really love someone, cheatin ain't smart  
    Your relationship will tear apart, you'll break somebody's heart  
    So yo don't even start it, there is no reason  
    Love takes a lot you ain't got keep on skeezin  
    Okay I'm packin up yo, end of lecture  
    You got somebody, give a little extra

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