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    Drugs, political thugs, nickel and dime crimes  
    Times ain't bad it's just about that time  
    A nickel's enough to get sprayed for  
    Because gems ain't the only rocks you get paid for  
    Get laid, sure, check the corner  
    For a buck you can do anything you want on her  
    Next week same place no she's not  
    She kicked the bucket from what you just got  
    Man listen, it's hard enough just to survive  
    Newborns hot up with dope, to stay alive  
    Poor lady, she ditched her cause she couldn't feed her  
    So where's her mother? Huh, she ain't no better either  
    Say the hell with school that ain't cool you fool  
    Learn the science of the other man's rule  
    Books you forget, knowledge you forfeit  
    Stay legit, just don't do it  
    Go and pursue it, you gotta fight to  
    Attain all the things you got a right to  
    And when you get it good, but damn we  
    got to boost up the family  
    Boost up the family, I'm here to reach and teach  
    Each and all who comprehend my speech  
    What does a door mean to you and me?  
    The door's locked and we don't have the key  
    But we do, it's under the rug you think I'm bugged  
    My concept's snug  
    In the pocket, they tell me rock it  
    I say sure fellas, long as I sell hell Jaz is the swellest  
    Remember when they asked a man what's your program?  
    He said different plan but same objective man  
    Socialism, a cripplin disease  
    Can't see the forest for the trees, people please  
    Who wears the clothes our parents paid for  
    Who sells the gold our people saved for  
    The writing's on the wall you know who did this  
    I see it too but I'm the wrong kinda witness  
    Homeboys on the rock way up-state  
    How're you livin he said? "I'm livin great"  
    Havin a good time for doin a large crime  
    Boost up the family in the name of my rhyme  
    We'll tumble down for sure if we don't stop  
    Chippin away at the mountaintop  
    Chase and hunt me yeah those boys want me  
    Ignorance is prison, now I'm free  
    Throw up a peace sign shout it in a stadium  
    At the Palladium speak in an auditorium  
    We'll overcome, no? Well come and get some  
    Feel the drums, cold get dumb  
    Knowledge em off the face  
    Yo proceed with the human race  
    He's ya boos huh, you let im bass you  
    This ain't his house, he's from another place too  
    Livin life is triflin as a mans's toy  
    Eve of destruction, you need a friend boy  
    On the move the destroy  
    The mind is the power, the money is the decoy  
    For the causse I am fightin  
    My hands sweat but the pen keeps writin  
    Liberals, the deecptive weapon  
    Told a man named Jackson to get to steppin  
    Somebody said to say it loud we're black and we're proud  
    The people he reused are lost in the crowd  
    Rebel? Don't dare, our uncle's so fair  
    Ya gettin paid but ya ain't goin nowhere  
    I'm sayin what I see see what I'm sayin?  
    Better start prayin; I ain't playin  
    Can we survive? Tell me somethin can we?  
    Who's to spruce, to juice, boost the family

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