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    They dwell in a palace of ivory and gold
    In beauty and comfort, a fortune untolled
    Yet, out in the courtyard injustice prevails
    They've turned their backs on what Lordship entails

    They squander their riches on oceans of wine
    The masses are starving while ministers dine
    The Bringers of Sorrow, the Masters of Pain
    Rise up in anger, let sweet vengeance reign!

    Tear down the walls  - tear down the walls

    A code of corruption, a throne of despair
    A common affliction the townspeople share
    Depriving the hungry and robbing the poor
    Slaves to a system they loathe and deplore

    A bounty of torment, abuse of command
    The wicked are crippling this misgoverned land
    The innocent perish, the cruel remain
    Take up your sabres, let sweet vengeance reign!

    Tear down the walls - tear down the walls
    Tear down the walls - tear 'em down!

    The peasants are storming this palace of gold
    By evil repressors, no longer controlled
    The banner of justice unfurled overhead
    The victors rejoicing, the conquered lie dead

    Yet few of them know what the future will bring
    Another unjust and unmerciful King
    The nature of Monarchs is always the same
    Soon time will come to let sweet vengeance reign!

    Tear down the walls...

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