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    [Written by Derek Peace and Steve Benito]

    [Copyright 1988 Richard Cheese Music-ASCAP]

    Somehow, somewhere, someone
    Sold me the wrong set of dreams
    Like a rag doll in careless hands
    I come apart at the seams

    Like a willow I'm bending -an actor pretending
    The script I've been given is true
    Like a child that is force-fed
    I'm throwing this shit back at you

    Anger and fury my
    Anger and fury my
    Anger and Fury my
    Anger and fury my
    Wall of anger -my cacophony

    Neon and screens were my feeling machines
    No wonder I feel like a fool
    I'm a fire of resentment with media methane as fuel

    My soul and the soles of my shoes both have holes
    Still somehow I get through the sorrow
    Two pairs of socks and a shot in the arm 'till tomorrow

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