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    I have lived a life of wealth and splendor
    Anything I wanted I could easily buy
    (Locked away) from the games that you play
    (Beg beg) every minute of every day
    (Day to day) I'm carefree that's more than you can say
    Much more than you can say
    Prince to pauper was my decision
    Discarding everything I had ever owned
    (Take a look) where's my self respect?
    (In exile) with all of my worries
    (I don't care) if I'm a burden to society

    Proclaiming selfish, careless freedom
    You're blind to the worth of life!
    There's pride to be found in accomplishing
    Something you've strived for!
    So try and redefine your outlook!
    Get a job! Get a job!
    It just might save your life!
    Get a job! Get a job! Get a job!
    Get a job! Get a job! Get a job!
    You worthless slob!

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