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    If I say I don't need anyone
    I can say these things to you 'cause
    I can turn on anyone
    Just like I've turned on you
    I've got a tongue like a razor
    A sweet switchblade knife
    And I can do you favors
    But then you'll do whatever I like
    Here I am
    And you're a Rocket Queen
    I might be a little young
    But Honey I ain't naive
    Here I am
    And you're a Rocket Queen oh yeah
    I might be too much
    But honey you're a bit obscene
    I've seen everything imaginable
    Pass before these eyes
    I've had everything that's tangible
    Honey you'd be suprised
    I'm a sexual innuendo
    In this burned out paradise
    If you turn me on to anything
    You better turn me on tonight
    CHORUS (x 2)
    I see you standin'
    Standin' on your own
    It's such a lonely place for you
    For you to be
    If you need a shoulder
    Or if you need a friend
    I'll be here standing
    Until the bitter end
    No one needs the sorrow
    No one needs the pain
    I hate to see you
    Walking out there
    Out in the rain
    So don't chastise me
    Or think I, I mean you harm
    Of those that take you
    Leave you strung out
    Much too far
    Baby - yeah
    Don't ever leave me
    Say you'll always be there
    All I ever wanted
    Was for you
    To know that I care

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