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    Your daddy works in porno
    Now that mommy's not around
    She used to love her heroin
    But now she's underground
    So you stay out late at night
    And you do your coke for free
    Drivin' your friends crazy
    With your life's insanity
    Well, well, well you just can't tell
    Well, well, well my Michelle
    Sowin' all your wild oats
    In another's luxuries
    Yesterday was Tuesday
    Maybe Thursday you can sleep
    But school starts much too early
    And this hotel wasn't free
    So party till your connection call
    Honey I'll return the key
    Well, well, well you just can't tell
    Well, well, well my Michelle
    Well, well, well you never can tell
    Well, well, well my Michelle
    Everyone needs love
    You know that it's true
    Someday you'll find someone
    That'll fall in love with you
    But oh the time it takes
    When you're all alone
    Someday you'll find someone
    That you can call your own
    But till then ya better...
    Now you're clean
    And so discreet
    I won't say a word
    But most of all this song is true
    Case you haven't heard
    So c'mon and stop your cryin'
    'Cause we both know money burns
    Honey don't stop tryin;
    An you'll get what you deserve

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