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    close your eyes and lose the feeling thats been sinking
    close your eyes and count to three
    close your eyes rewind, I know just what youre thinking
    close your eyes and think of me

    larger than life, niceties
    larger than you, more than me
    Ive got the Monday morning blues
    and oh my God Ive got the home for you

    and give the everyday morning youuse
    theres things right here I cant afford to choose


    sincere, caramel, champagne, down drain, tell him, no gain
    its so damn physical it will sustain
    and too damn Technicolor to refrain
    and much too taxing for my little brain

    why do we never know enough of happiness?
    why do they never show?
    all the times we have been so good and caring
    how many times well never know


    packed it like a punch out to lunch
    I got a little hunch that stood out from the bunch
    as if thats not a reason enough I need another reason why

    God damn that bitch of life she made me cry
    so I liked to poke her squarely in the eye
    and it hurt so much I feel like I could die

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