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    I meant to call her name
    I meant to take her hand
    I meant to be the same and understand
    Just what was happening
    In the evening
    Between the princess and the prince
    Oh yeah

    I can't be bothered now
    Cannot eat or drink
    I can't remember how I used to think
    What was that song she sang
    In the morning
    About the princess and the prince
    Yeah, yeah

    It's a crystal ringing way
    She has about her in the day
    She s a laughing dapple shadow
    Yes, she's a laughing dapple shadow
    In my mind
    Mmm hmmmmm yeah

    If I could hear her voice
    If I could see her face
    If I could wish and be most any place
    Be where I saw her last
    On that evening past
    With the princess and the prince

    The princess and the prince

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