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    Well i've been somewhere in the middle
    Drowning in the drivel
    Whatever it's all out of my hands
    And i've been choking on the ashes
    Of the burnt out middle classes
    Finger fucking it with both of my hands
    Goddamn-don't you know who i am?

    And now the futures looking brighter
    For bad song writers
    Yeah we are laughing just as hard as we can
    The powder makes us funny, my shit's all runny
    Yeah, i'm writing this with trembling hands

    Goddam-i don't know where i am

    Goddam-i don't know where i am

    Make way dead man leaving
    For one night your town's home
    Make way my head's heaving
    Don't touch me man i'll throw
    Ready to go (x4)

    Pass the cheque and i'll get it
    Living on credit and everything's running to plan
    But i just can't figure who leads the lead singer
    Shut the fuck up man and pass me the gram

    Goddam-i don't you know who i am?
    Goddam-i don't you know who i am?

    I'm ready to blow..ha ha fuck

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