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    VERSE 1]  
    (Move em  U) Ah yeah  the U's in effect  
    Live and direct I project my intellect  
    I wrote another verse for imitators to copy cat  
    You learn the words  recitin's where you get sloppy at  
    You can't kick it quite like the U can  
    Any fan in the stand can tell whose rhymes you ran  
    Man  the words the same  verses identical  
    Wanna be down  but you ain't been a cool  
    Brother like the U  so my knob you're slobbin  
    31 flavors like Baskin & Robbin  
    The U trains by drainin brains  
    And the only remains is bloodstains  
    Havoc and homicide, rappers are mumified  
    You tried, but lost your pride, now you run and hide  
    You're trapped in a maze, there's no escape route  
    Guilty of theft, so you're left as a deaf-mute  
    You floor at my feet, but when I step you're left there  
    With tears in your eyes, but I don't care  
    Nothin you can do, now you're down and desperate  
    Next time you know I ain't the one to mess with  
    So keep this in mind before you move  
    Yo, the U is smooth  
    [VERSE 2]  
    (Yo U, tell em how you're livin, gee)  
    Sittin in my dressin room with a star on my door  
    The crowd is waitin for the show to be raw  
    News reporters is hawkin me, fans anticipatin  
    It's almost show time, so keep waitin  
    2 minutes left, now you're watchin the clock  
    Countin every second to the last tic-toc  
    Now the spotlight shines, the curtains go up  
    And like a vulcano Daddy U will erupt  
    I jitter-bop on stage and grab the mic with a tight grip  
    I carry a tool for any fool who might flip  
    Cause when I'm in effect pandemonium breaks loose  
    You ask how I did it? I tell you it takes juice  
    No other brother can touch the U, I'm too smooth  
    And that's word to momma du'  
    All raps I write is up to par  
    I started out at the bottom, now I live like a star  
    I'm talkin flicks and autographs, saunas and bubble baths  
    Producers and managers hawkin me like psychopaths  
    Everything is real, so bust a move  
    And remember: the U is smooth  
    [VERSE 3]  
    (Yo, tell em what's up with your deejay, man)  
    Kay's a doctor, his headphones a stethoscope  
    Music's a medicine, scratch is so def it's dope  
    You will agree, Kay Cee is nasty  
    So check out the cut and knowledge how fast he  
    Switched from one mix to the next  
    On pace with the bass, all it takes is a flex  
    And I pimp the microphone, this stage is like my throne  
    So leave my rhymes alone, homes, and write your own  
    I'm like Simon, so listen cause Simon says  
    Commence dancin, and I'ma keep rhymin as  
    Long as there's a beat, but if it stop I'll still go  
    My brain's equipped with more volts than Willco  
    So plug up the mic, if it works I'll work it  
    And Kay'll kill the cut till the mixer short-circuit  
    Cause everything's real, so bust a move  
    And remember: the U is smooth  
    [VERSE 4]  
    (Yo U, kick the last verse, let's get outta here, man)  
    Get ready, it's almost showtime  
    And I'ma turn it out in no time  
    So park your ride, maintain your stride  
    Pay your 10 dollars to get inside  
    You say it's too much, don't worry it's worth it  
    No mistakes, everything is perfect  
    A line around the corner, seven heads to a car means  
    The crowd is packed in like sardines  
    Security is tight for those who came to fight  
    I'll jump on any chump who try to spoil my night  
    Cause I got plans for girls on the dancefloor  
    Niggas wanna know what I.U. stands for  
    The I is for in there, U's for untouchable  
    And the shit you pop is just a bunch of bull  
    Everything is real, so bust a move  
    And remember: the U is smooth  
    Yo, I wanna say what's up to  
    My man Money Mike Floyd  
    My DJ Kay Cee  
    My man E.R.P. Easy Rick The Player  
    Vaughn, Biz, the man Doc  
    The whole Crown Heights  
    And peace and love to my daughter Muffin  
    We out

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