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    [ VERSE 1 ]

    Pick up the pace, speed it up fast and faster

    Keep the cuts crisp and clean, and then blast the

    Bass till impact is unbearable

    And I'ma do MC's somethin terrible

    Cause I like to start shit off with a bang

    Clichees and slang that no man can hang

    With, the one your girl shares her putang with

    And Jimmy's what a stick that thang with

    You can't stand the pressure and pain when you're put in heat

    You felt defeat, so you cheat and still couldn't beat

    The vocal phenomenon, word is bond, the U's a don

    I correspond and strike like a python

    Fast and furious, foes find it frightening

    The bass is thunder, rhymes strike like lightning

    Kay on the set and Doc throw the samples on

    Anyone who step in my path'll get trampled on

    Save all the talk, keep it under your hat

    You ain't sayin nothin slick, so go head with that

    Or I take your space, replace your face, erase your trace

    In case you wanna base, pick up the pace

    [ CHORUS ]

       Ready, are you ready? (Are you ready?

       (Go off, go off)        --> Treacherous Three

    [ VERSE 2 ]

    I speak and peak a verbal crescendo

    Play MC's like a game of Nintendo

    Clear the board, and then switch the cartridge

    Hold em hostage and fry em like a sausage

    So this advice, I think you should take

    Those who fake and flake face a break

    For goodness sake, I go and flow, do a show solo

    Touch the pro - hell no, you must be on alcohol

    So keep your distance before you get your head flown

    For tryin to touch a microphone when you shoulda known

    Better, it's time to settle a vendetta

    It ain't Y-o-u, it's one letter

    I'm growin and flowin and hoein

    And clockin dough and showin

    I break backs like a wild Samoan

    I freeze MC's and leave competetors comatose

    Lyrics are so dope, the listeners overdose

    But everytime I turn, another sucker bit

    So I'ma drop em just for the fuck of it

    The U comin first place in a race

    While Kay deejay and play, I say: pick up the pace

    [ CHORUS ]

    [ VERSE 3 ]

    It's like magic the way the rhyme flows

    Smoother and smoother as time goes

    On, soft and warm like the quiet storm

    Cause this is poetry in the highest form

    So check the technique, if you just said weak

    Methods or efforts, then check till next week

    You won't find one, son, cause there ain't none

    Rhymes are artwork, now watch me paint one

    Colorful rays in the shades of a rainbow

    Can't estimate the rate of my brainflow

    Is it fast or is it slow?

    If you wanna know

    Then pick up the pace

    [ CHORUS ]

    [ VERSE 4 ]

    Straight off the top I step and then take yours

    Money, your jewels, and even your girl's drawers

    You took a loss, so learn to accept it

    Cause if you were swift, then you woulda kept it

    Rick holds the dustpan while I sweep up

    Tired MC's that could not keep up

    With rhymes the U kick, the pace is too quick

    Rick with the suits and Kay with the chew stick

    What I recite will keep the whole place hype

    Raps are capsules, the mic is a basepipe

    Inhale the smoke, one toke you choke

    And bums look for crumbs when the mic is broke

    Females slave and crave to get next to this

    Lyrics I kick are fierce as the exorcist

    Helter skelter, MC's run for shelter

    Kay'll melt the belts, and I'ma swelter

    Any MC who step in my face

    Cause the rhymes are good to go, so yo, pick up the pace

    [ CHORUS ]

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