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    Mister U Dad pon di case

    .45 along di waist

    Police, snitches gwan get shot in-a dem bloodclot face

    Ya see I mean?


    Watch out

    Yo, I'm on the down low, cops wanna know how I'm gettin paid

    So they send snitches wired up with hidden tapes

    Steppin to me to make a purchase

    But I ain't sellin jack, so the trap is worthless

    Doin what I do, waitin to smoke me

    But I'm all about dough, that's why my flow is low key

    You see me today, I'm in a slick black Benz

    Tomorrow a hooptie with mitch-match rims

    And windows tinted and dark-ass glasses

    Drivin around collectin money in masses

    When I make my runs, it's done on a q.t.

    That's how it gotta be when I'm out gettin lucci

    I keep it on a quiet storm, word is bond

    Makin sure that nobody's informed

    You ask is my business legit?

    Flip 'low key' around and see what you get

    I'm low key, y'all

    Yo, I'm in it for the fortune, let the next man have the fame

    For 10 long years I been down in the game

    I slung when I was young runnin block to block

    Sellin cooked up rock, and ain't never got knocked

    ??? when I used to sport Lee's

    And I thought G's how to transport ki's

    But one thing I learned from the day I got on

    That's when you start tryin to play large you get up gone

    Either in jail or your head laid to rest

    But I was game tight, cause I learned from the best

    To never tell my dirt in the street to no bitch

    And don't trust a friend, cause he could be a snitch

    I hustle from Hempstead to Queens and Delaware

    Cops takin out my spots, but I'm never there

    From state to state I sling ki's and g's, and

    Blow like the wind and keep on breezin

    Take the money and run like a bandit

    Leavin the chick I was with at the hotel stranded

    Off on a midnight run, fully equipped

    A full tank of gas, and a extra clip

    Bullet-proof vest, a ski hat to match

    Briefcase full of dough, and no strings attached

    I'm low key, y'all

    Yo, a kid makes a drop, then bounces

    With a package that's short 'bout 4 1/2 ounces

    So I made a few calls

    Now he's scrapin his balls off the projects walls

    I went to make his girlfriend bleed

    And found her in the alley in the back of a crackspot, o.d.-ed

    I shot the bitch anyway

    So what if she dead, if I ain't kill her, her ass still gots to pay

    And yo, that's word to Miz

    Whoever get fast gettin blast, and I don't care who the fuck it is

    It could be Jesus Christ

    But if he violate, I'm tearin down the gates and shoot his ass twice

    I ain't takin no losses

    So I'm out to get mine and don't care what the cost is

    Yo, I show no affection

    I snap necks and then flex in every ghetto section

    From point A to point B flippin ki after ki

    And then watch the cops watch me

    I see em lookin dead in my face

    From a third-floor window in a project staircase

    But they don't know that I'm aware

    See, I knows the drama, and I ain't tryin to get caught out there

    So while they actin like spies

    My troops is at the backdoor, ready to organize

    I tell em wait for the cue

    When you hear the horn blow, then go head and do the do

    I wave and let the cops know I see em

    Flash a mad fat knot, and then hop in a B-M

    Now the troops know what's on

    So I give the cops the finger and smile and blow the horn

    And watch the troops bumrush the door

    Ready for war, guns in hand, headed straight for the 3rd floor

    ??? on the steps

    The papers read '3 feds found dead and no suspects'

    And I'm still in the mix

    Slingin mad bricks, puttin chumps in a 226

    I wink, and my heart is stone cold

    Do whatever it takes to get papes, that's how I roll

    And yo, I'm low key, y'all

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