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    [ VERSE 1 ]

    Hey yo, this is dedicated to you small-time thugs

    Those who hustle and boost and brothers who sell drugs

    Yeah, the money is fast, but it ain't gon' last

    Cause when the cops roll past, that ass is grass

    Thought you'd never get caught, now you're no longer free

    Sold a ki to a D.T., and now you're history

    You fuss and cuss, but state time is a must

    So you better get tough and learn to adjust

    Yo, don't let the soap drop, or high when you smoke top

    Or you'll be runnin yours, if not, get your dope chopped

    So carry a shank and be prepared for war

    Cause if you sleep you get beat and rushed to the floor

    Now your sneakers are took before you even could hook

    And now they're callin you panook and everything in the book

    I tried to tell you from square one

    A head-up fight is a rare one

    There's no such thing as a fair one

    So watch your back, jack, or you'll get attacked

    Pimped-smacked and packed and carried out in a sack

    With speed knots and lumps, stitch marks, and scars

    Now you know, it ain't no joke behind bars

       (Like Elvis do the Jailhouse Rock)--> Kool G Rap

    [ VERSE 2 ]

    Fresh out the gut his first day back

    He just did a state bid for possession of crack

    Gained a couple of pounds, got a muscle up build

    Shank marks in your gut from damn near gettin killed

    Round the way with the guys you're tellin millions of lies

    Of how you bust many heads and swoll many eyes

    Now the boys on the block think that you was a hardrock

    The neighborhood hero, cause you been in Comstock

    They're ridin your tip and idolizin your name

    But deep down in your heart you know that it's all game

    Cause you was soft up north, livin small as a dwarf

    And if you even coughed, you got your head knocked off

    Beat you down to the ground, but then he took your manhood

    Stole your booty hole, now you can't even stand good

    Went out like a whimp, now you walk with a limp

    You're some chimp, lookin simp, call yourself a pimp

    The maytag on a tear, gettin poked in the rear

    You can't disappear, you'll be here till next year

    Either get bold or feel the pressure and fold

    And just hope you can hold till you make parole

    There's no glamorous girls, no jewelry or cars

    Now you know, it ain't no joke behind bars

    [ VERSE 3 ]

    Just got knocked, and now you sit in the bullpen

    You think of the block and all the money you pulled in

    20s and 10s, plenty women and friends

    Truck jewelry, and a brand-new Benz

    Sittin high on a throne, livin like Al Capone

    Callin Joan and Simone on a cellular phone

    But you took a fall, now you make collect calls

    Stuffin your chops with slop in the messhall

    Your girl's on the street livin lower than low

    She done smoked up your product and spent your dough

    Oh, as for the boots - since you been gone

    She been gettin it on with your man Rashan

    Now he's wearin all your jewels and drivin your Benz

    And to make it so bad, you used to be best friends

    But even though that's foul, ain't a thing you can do

    Cause you won't be comin home till 2002

    Now you're just another name everybody forgot about

    Got no clout, in jail gettin knocked out

    With lumps in your head, stitch marks in your gut

    Now the tears takin turns runnin trains in yo butt

    Switchin like a bitch, wearin panties and bras

    Now you know, it ain't no joke behind bars

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