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    Swallow the interglacial serenity

    My recreation for life

    Down so long

    Grown so strong

    In a devotional illusion,

    I ride the storm again

    Down so long

    Grown so wrong

    Brazen and contented I burn

    I don't see the river

    Though hear the complaining

    What is the price and

    what is the winning of shame?

    There is a fire between us!

    Feel it, touch it

    I don't identify this place

    A Black strap-on,

    Instrumental breathing

    wearing leather

    A Black strap-on

    Instrumental breathing

    To pretend this tender

    and shell this fear,

    Will you touch me

    with your hands of dirt,

    and donate some grace

    so I can grace desert?

    Will you fill me?

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