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    I have ordinary addictions
    I've outgrown the ways of the street and the nightshade
    Hey! goodnight ladies... ladies bye bye.
    Iwork odd hours, get home late most nights
    She's upstairs, I'm downstairs,
    Drinking coffee in the kitchen
    Spoon in the sugar, knife in the butter... I want you.

    Do you love me? say you do, I'd like to see you undress
    Let the light shimmer down, I've ordinary addictions
    Whisper soft into my ear, secret words heaven sent ....
    So you can read my mind
    Hush dear....the night is always young
    There's no day here, tomorrow never comes
    Let colours fly, we're safe from harm
    See orange glow, let our love flow

    No romeo no juliet,
    What we got is deeper than that
    Lets stay in bed, watch t.v. and shag tobacco
    I want you, I want you....
    You're my amphetamine you're my lover....
    And there's no other.... ....there's no other.... there's no other

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