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    I'll tell you now the story of a friend of mine
    A small town boy named 'saint divine'
    At his red flamed hair they would laugh and stare
    As he searched in vain for friends to find
    His mother, father and brother too...
    They told him "...we don't see the world like you..."
    So he blew a kiss, he waved bye bye
    For love... it don't live here

    "all the tears he holds inside... he gotta go away
    ...are the tears he must hide..."
    Looking for love...

    So he goes to a big and bright city
    Where friends ecstatic are never cruel
    Forgets the clouds grabs the silver lining
    The lipstick boy can boogaloo
    And life is just one crazy ball
    'cause down at king tut tuts he knows them all
    But the queen is still a queer
    And love... it don't live here.

    "all the tears he holds inside... he gotta go away
    ...are the tears he must hide...looking for.
    Looking for love...
    All the love he fails to find...he gotta go away
    ...will his dreams run out of time? ...looking for,
    Looking for love..."

    Saint saint divine how you wear the woman

    What one calls a sinner another will a saint
    Who is to say what is right from wrong
    It's friday night! it's time to party
    The sacred cow can 'bang-a-gong'
    Sing you sinners, dance you saints
    Anyway your body 'n' souls inclined.
    Laugh you lovers at those who hate
    In each an adam and eve entwined...

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