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    When I look into your sad blue eyes, they whisper,
    Love's been and gone...
    It's the end of the line, we're wasting our time
    I kiss you goodbye, now I can't believe I ever said that
    I would die for you, your eyes do more than kill...
    I want to live.

    All's forgiven, so all's forgotten, I'm empty inside,
    What I'm trying to say since you went away, I live a lie.
    I drink all day I'm never sober just to ease the pain,
    These lies do more than kill...
    I want to live... I want to live...

    Like a ghost in my head you keep haunting me
    Every promise we made, every word you said
    I can't live without you!
    Baby baby, when lovin' we were hiding
    When lying we were brave.
    Baby baby, I can't live without you
    All I need is you.
    I want to live.

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