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    On the darkest of streets, at around eleven
    The lights shine brightest, on avenue seven
    From 'noho' to 'soho' they congregate
    Gladrags and handbags we anticipate
    Boom! boom! cha-cha! and cock becomes vagina

    No guys here - dolls! no guys here - just dolls!

    Mother fisting friends, say romance is cheap
    So it's time for eve to put adam to sleep
    Lovely, lovely, love me
    With dreams with drugs, with lipstick and la rouge

    No guys here - dolls! no guys here - just dolls!

    With feather boa, like lotte lenya,
    High heels and a vicious tongue,
    Jesus, 'fantasia' tu est tres fantastique
    So kinky gerlinky, so much fun

    No guys here - dolls! no guys here - just dolls!

    Cock incognito! vag incognita!

    Knock, knock, who's there?
    Oh! here they come, the belligerent scum,
    As your immorality would say "all men are queer"
    How civilised that you're despised
    Knock, knock, who's there?
    Dorothy that's who, she'll make a man of you!
    A man of you! a man of you!

    Ich bin eine puppe, eine puppe mit scheide!
    Ich bin ein mann, ein mann mit schwanz
    Geweg! geweg! lab mich allein! lab mich allein!
    Das kleine ja! ja! das grobe nein! nein! das kleine ja! ja!
    Sie macht einen mann aus dir,
    Eine puppe mit schwanz!, ein mann mit mose!

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