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    So, So you think you can tell

    Heaven from hell, Blue skys from pain

    Can you tell a green field, From a cold, steel rail?

    Smile from avail, Do you think you can tell?

    So, Do you think we can change, Everybody that hates

    before its too late, So proud to be free

    But who can we blame? Don't be ashamed, Do you think we can change?

    How I wish, How I wish you were here

    When a world of lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,

    Year after year. Running over the same old ground,

    But here we find, the same old fears

    Wish you were here. We don't need

    Anymore pain, We just need to remain on the very same page

    So much to gain, No more losing a friend, we're losing ourselves

    We just need your help, So glad you're here

    So glad you're here.

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