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    Livin' in the fast lane
    This is dedicated to you Ben Stiller
    You are my favorite mutherfucker
    I told you, didn't I?

    Drama makes the world go around
    Does anybody got a problem with that?
    My business is my business
    Who's guilty?
    Can I get a witness?
    First things first
    The Chocolate Starfish is my man Fred Durst
    Access Hollywood lisence to kill
    A redneck fucker from Jacksonville
    Bangin' on the dumpster funk
    My microphone machete's in the back of my trunk
    Rocker's who's steady with the
    He says, she says
    And don't forget about the starfish navigation system
    Don't hate me
    I'm just an alien
    With thirty seven tons of new millenium
    Dum diddie dum
    Where's it coming from?
    Mrs Aguilera, come and get some
    Oh know, which way to go
    To the dance floor
    It's on my stereo
    Pay me no mind
    I seen The Fight Club
    About twenty eight times
    And I'm 'a keep my pants saggy
    Keep a skateboard
    A spray can, for the taggin'
    And I'm 'a keep a lot of girls in my beer wagon
    Cause I don't give a fuck
    Livin' life in the fast lane

    I'm just a crazy mutherfucker
    Livin' it up
    Not giving a fuck
    Livin' life in the fast lane

    Another crazy mutherfucker
    Livin' it up
    Not giving a fuck
    In the fast lane

    Take two
    Hoo haa!
    Now who's the star sucker?
    I'm the Starfish
    You silly mutherfucker
    Puff puff
    Give the marujuana cig
    I don't even smoke
    But I love the way it smells
    Here's a toast to the females
    Sippin' lung champagne from a seashell
    I think I gotta feel

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