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    (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstain II)
    [Recorded July 24, 1963, Los Angeles]

    Frank duets with the girl [Girl singer]

    [Wonder how I feel living on a hill top,]
    [Looking on an ocean, beautiful and still,]
    This is what I need, this is what I've longed for,
    Someone young and smiling, climbing up my hill.
    [We are not alike, probably I'd bore him]
    [He's a cautious Frenchman, I'm a little hick]
    Younger men than I, officers and doctors,
    Probably pursue her, she could have her pick.
    [Wonder why I feel jittery and jumpy,]
    [I'm like a schoolgirl waiting before a dance]
    Can I ask her now, I am like a schoolboy,
    What will be her answer, do I have a chance?

    [music transition leading to the song Some Enchanted Evening]

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